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Ways To Defeat Self-Defeat

Self Defeat is a big reason why people give up on achieving their dreams. This is cause by depression which dimmed light of hope for achieving a dream.

Some years back, I used to feel depressed, therefore defeating myself through some false core beliefs that guided my decision. Until I came to the knowledge that I am the only person that has the responsibility to achieve my goals and meet other needs. I realized that rescue wouldn't come from that uncertain hero in my fantasy, it is up to me to live by my values.  I have the power to believe in my worth or not, to allow for imperfection or not, and to decide who I want to be.

Start Where You Are

Plant a Seed of Courage

Even the tallest Sequoia tree was once a seed.  You need a seed of courage.  You will find it in strategy one.

1) Ask yourself what you want.  Is it fear?  Do you want to accomplish what you dream of doing?  What kind of person do you want looking back at you in the mirror?  Take the time to write down your answers.

The result: Clarity of focus will surprise you and others.

Water That Seed with Action

Dry seeds blow in the wind but do not produce anything.  Your seed needs the water that strategies two and three provide.

2) Define what needs changing, and come up with some creative ideas to follow through.  No idea is too weird as this is just brainstorming.  For example, if you want to be more assertive, practicing in front of the mirror is a step forward.  If you want to stop procrastinating on a tough decision, ask a friend to give you a deadline.

The result: You will begin to feel and think differently.

3) Ask, “What step(s) will I take today toward becoming who I want?”  Make at least one quality decision.  So what if the step is tiny, who cares?  You are the one stretching your courage, do what is fitting for you today.  Amaze yourself over time, as one step leads to another, then another.

The result: You will know you are a winner

Enjoy the Harvest

An apple seed becomes a tree that yields nourishment, beauty, and more seeds.  Your seed abounds with ripe courage.  Strategies four and five will prevent it from rotting on the tree.

4) Celebrate the victories, which are each step!  Pay attention as your confidence muscles bulk-up.  As change develops, you will inspire yourself.

The result: You will reap success after success

5) If you fall back, do not worry.  Everyone falls back in bigger and smaller ways.  Start again, even if it is from scratch, and congratulate yourself for being so bold!  Most people remain stagnant.  You are a champion just for trying again.

The result: Self-defeat is defeated.

You are brave with each step you take- even for reading this and thinking seriously about change!  Every movement counts.

At the time of my attempted suicide, no one could convince me my life held purpose.  A blanket of old wounds, preconceived ideas, and unmanaged major depression obscured truth.  From despair to a slow crawl, from standing to walking- my task has been to listen to wise counsel, retrain my mind, and take one step each day.  My primary motivation from the start has been to honor God in how I think and with my choices.  I now pursue a mission of bringing hope to others who cannot see beyond their pain.

It is your turn to name what you want and to decide what kind of person you want to be.  Engage in brainstorming ideas to reach these goals.  Start moving.  You will astound yourself, and your courage will blossom, one step at a time.

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