Saturday, 11 June 2016


A talent is a gift. It is a skill that you are born with. It is very different from a gained skill, but skill that someone naturally has to do something. Talent makes it easy for you to do something that is hard in a simple and special way. Talent well nurtured through deliberate efforts sets a person above those that have acquired/learned/gained skill.

I believe most people or probably everyone has one or two talents, but we choose to find the nurtured talents of others more appealing to us than ours. So in our efforts to be like them, we choose to acquire their own talents and ignore the ones we are gifted with. Most people suffer in this course and they never attain any level of success. Why not nurture our on natural talent(s) and live a successful life?

MR. A’s talent might be different from MR. B’s talent, but that doesn’t mean MR. A’s talent is better than MR. B’s talent. We have to come to the realization that we all can’t be a musician or a footballer. When we all become footballer, then who is going to be maker of the balls and boots.

So I believe we are given different talents so as to help each other achieve our dreams or purposes. I believe we will make a lot of difference when we do that which we are created to. Let’s find our talent (that skill(s) we are born with), nurture it, and then we will live a successful life and attain heights that we never thought we could.

  • Find Your Talent
  • Nurture Your Talent
  • Excel Through Your Talent
  • Make extraordinary accomplishment and attain great height of success.

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