Saturday, 11 June 2016


Consistency is the key aspect in achieving a set goal or a dream.
A sport team that wants to win a trophy, actually plays with the mindset and tactics of a defending and winning champion from the beginning of the competition till the very stage that the team has being announced as the winner of the competition. The sport team doesn’t always win every match they play, when they lose a match, they get sad, but they encourage themselves and stick back to their belief, plans may change, but they still always hold on to their belief.

We as humans we can only achieve our set goals in life when we remain focused only to our focus (set goals). People may not always accept everything that you do, be it works that you have given your best shot. Consistency doesn’t mean that your works are perfect, but it simply means you aren’t going to give up. So let’s not forget that we can only achieve success through what we do consistently, not what we do once in a while.

  • Be stable
  •  Surround yourself with goal oriented persons, persons with vision and great courage
  •  Believe in yourself; see yourself as being successful until it becomes your reality.

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